Extended Warranty


 Extended Warranty Terms & Conditions:

  1. The Mopar Extended Warranty provides Extended Warranty coverage similar to the Manufacturers’ Standard Warranty with few exclusions.
  1. The Mopar Extended Warranty coverage will remain valid, subject to the vehicle being serviced at only FCA

Authorized Dealerships at recommended service intervals as stated in the Owner’s Manual provided at the time of delivery of new vehicle.

  1. The Mopar Extended Warranty coverage will remain valid, subject to the usage of genuine parts, recommended oils & fluids as stated in the Owner’s Manual provided at the time of delivery of new vehicle.
  1. Any repairs during the Mopar Extended Warranty period will be carried out at any of the FCA Authorized Dealerships only. FCA Dealerships may replace or repair any part adjudged to be covered under Extended Warranty at no charge to the Customer.
  1. Under certain circumstances, it may be required to carry out technical analysis and survey to ascertain root cause of problem and cost estimates. Under such circumstances there would be some waiting period before the repair is approved.
  1. The Mopar Extended Warranty coverage is transferable to the subsequent owner. The unexpired portion of the coverage period will be transferred to the new owner, subject to the new owner submitting to the Dealership his contact details along with a copy of new vehicle registration certificate issued to him.
  1. The Mopar Extended Warranty program coverage and exclusions is detailed as per the Annexure.
  2. All disputes are subject to jurisdiction of courts in Mumbai only.

Extended Warranty for Jeep


Owners Acceptance

I have understood the terms of Conditions of Mopar Extended Warranty Program and I agree to abide by the same







This Mopar Extended Warranty will cover the following parts,


All internal components, including:

Oil pump, Crankshaft & Pulley, Big end & Main Bearings, Connecting Rods, Gudgeon Pins, Piston and Rings, Inlet and Exhaust Valves, Springs and Guides Cylinder Block and Cylinder Head, Cylinder Head Gasket, Camshaft, Arms and Shaft Rocker, cam followers, Hydraulic lash adjusters, Timing Gears and Tensioner Bearing, Idler, Turbo charger ,Inlet Exhaust Manifold, Oil Seals Crankshaft Seal, Camshaft Oil Seal, Auxiliary Shaft Oil Seal, Flywheel, EGR & EGR actuation system, EGR Cooler, Half engine Assy (If child parts are not serviced)

Manual Transmission

All internal components, including:

Gear box Housing, Gears, Shafts, Synchromesh Hubs and Rings, Selectors, Selector mechanism, Bearings, Transfer Gears, Gear Box Oil Seal, Drive Shaft Seal, Drive shafts, PTO, Differential assemblies, RDM, Propeller shaft & Rear Axle, clutch master cylinder, clutch slave cylinder

Automatic Transmission:

All internal components, including:

Shafts, Gears, Brake bands, Oil Pump, Bearings and Bushes, Valve body, Drive Plate, Transmission Gears.

Mechatronics control module, Dual mass flywheel, Dual dry clutch, transmission seals.

Suspension and Steering:

Electrical power steering (EPS), Rack & Pinion, Steering Column, Steering Box, Power Steering Pump, Reservoir, Swinging arm, Link Rod, Stabilizer bar, Prop lift gate & Power steering pressure pipes, wheel bearings, hub assemblies.

Braking System:

Master Cylinder, Brake Booster, Vacuum Pump, ABS Modules, ABS Sensors, Wheel Bearings, Wheel Hub. Brake system sensors, calipers, rear parking brake Electrical actuators.

Fuel & Injection System:

Mechanical and Electrical Fuel Pumps, Injectors, Engine speed sensors, ECU, Common Rail, Pressure Sensors, Glow Plugs, Electromagnetic solenoids, Fuel Injection Pump & Diesel Particle Filter

Air Conditioning & Cooling system:

Radiator, Compressor, Condenser, Evaporator Reservoir, Receiver Driver ,Thermostat Switch & Fan Motor, Heater Core, AC Switch, AC Blower , AC Pipes, Water Pump, HVAC Module & Integrate Central stack, HVAC Control Unit, Cooling fan, Heater core. HVAC Control panel.

Electrical System:

Starter Motor and Solenoid Switch, Alternator, Rectifier, Wiring Harness (except for external damages), Regulator, Ignition Coil, Cooling Fan Motor, Power Window Switches & Motors, Combination Switch, Electronic steering lock (Ignition Switch), Relay, Reverse Parking Camera, Thermostat Switch, Speedometer, Oil Pressure Switch, Temperature Gauge, Fuel Gauge, Infotainment System, Instrument Cluster, Horns, FOB Key, BCM, DTCM, Mode selection switch, selector switch, Entire sensors, Entire Control Modules, Electric lock Blue & Me, Radio Frequency Hub, Power distribution center.

Oil and Consumables:

a) All oils and consumables (lubricating oils, coolants, brake oil, battery electrolyte, AC gas oil) will be covered if required/necessitated to be replaced in connection with the replacement of a part falling under a valid extended warranty claim.

b) Repair requiring due to oil seepage will be covered including the consequential failures.


Incidental Losses not covered

The Mopar Extended Warranty coverage will not cover any incidental losses such as:

a) Downtime, All Indirect Losses & Inconvenience

b) The loss of use of your vehicle

c) The loss of personal or commercial property

d) The loss of revenue

e) OE Components like Tyres & Batteries.

f) Misuse or abuse resulting into the failure will not be covered under Extended Warranty.

g) Shock Absorbers, Catalytic Converter, Chrome Plated Parts like Emblems, Front Grill, FCA genuine accessories, Lenses (Head Lamp, Fog Lamp, Tail Lamp), Mirrors – Internal & External, Mirrors, Wind Shields, Backlit Glass and Window Glasses, Suspension Rubber Mounts, Weather Strips, All Interior Trim including Dashboard.

h) Wear and Tear Components like Clutch Assy, Brake Pad, Brake liners. Consumables – Filters, Bulbs, Fuses, Spark Plug, Wheel Alignment, Wheel Balancing, and remote key batteries ,Wiper Blades, Axle boots, Suspension struts, all type of Hoses, Ball joints engine mounts & any rubber parts, Drive & Accessory belts, Fuses & Filters are not covered.

i) Any claim falling beyond the expiry date shown in the Mopar Extended Warranty Certificates or the completion of the Kilometer as specified in the Mopar Extended Warranty Certificates whichever occurs earlier and as applicable from the date of 1st sale.

j) The Mopar Extended Warranty coverage will remain valid, subjected to the vehicle being Serviced at only FCA Authorized Dealerships as per recommended service intervals as stated in the Owner’s Manual provided at the time of New Vehicle Delivery.

k) The Mopar Extended Warranty coverage will remain valid, subjected to the usage genuine parts & accessories recommended Oils & fluids as stated in the Owner’s Manual provided at the time of New Vehicle Delivery.

l) Routine maintenance service jobs, which includes cleaning, polishing, minor adjustment, engine tuning, carbon cleaning, AC Servicing, calibration / reconditioning of diesel equipment’s including injector / nozzles and high pressure fuel pump etc.

m) Inconsequential aspects such as noises, vibrations, moisture entry and sensations that could not lead to dismal product function or performance.

n) Loss arising out of accident or loss caused by external impact.

o) Damages as a result of use of non-genuine coolant or lubricating oil.

p) Damages to engine due to Hydrostatic lock. Corrosion, rusting, and painting.

Modifications Not Covered

a) Installing non-FCA components, or equipment (such as a non-FCA radio or speed control);

b) Using special non-FCA approved fluid, materials or additives.

c) But your warranties do not cover any part that was not on your vehicle when it left the manufacturing plant or is not certified for use on your vehicle. Nor do they cover the costs of any repairs or adjustments that might be caused or needed because of the installation or use of non-FCA India, components, equipment, materials, or additives.

d) Performance or racing parts are considered to be non-FCA India parts. Repairs or adjustments caused by their use are not covered under your warranties.

Examples of the types of alterations not covered are:

  • Applying non-approved rustproofing or other protection products; or
  • Using any refrigerant that FCA India has not approved.
  • Changing the vehicle’s configuration or dimensions, such as converting the vehicle into a limousine or for any other purpose.
  • Disconnecting, tampering with, or altering the odometer will void your warranties, unless your repairing technician follows the legal and / or FCA India requirements for repairing or replacing vehicles odometers.
  • Attaching any device that disconnects the vehicles odometer will also void your Mopar Extended warranty.

Environmental Factors Not Covered

a) Your Mopar Extended warranty do not cover damage caused by environmental factors such as airborne fallout, bird droppings, insect damage, chemicals, tree sap, salt, ocean spray, acid rain, and road hazards. Nor do your Mopar Extended Warranty cover damage caused by hailstorms, windstorms, tornadoes, sandstorms, lightning, floods, act of Terrorism and earthquakes.

b) Your Mopar Extended Warranty do not cover conditions resulting from anything impacting the vehicle. This includes cracks and chips in glass, scratches and chips in painted surfaces, rusting, corrosion or damage from collision

c) Your Mopar Extended Warranty do not cover the costs of repairing damage or conditions caused by racing, nor do they cover the repair of any defects that are found as the result of participating in a racing event.

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