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Toyota Innova Accessories Online at Lowest Prices

Toyota is a brand of reliability that has delivered amazing cars with stunning interiors and exteriors. Shedding some light on Toyota Innova Crysta, SUVs are luxuriously built yet as it is said- ‘With every good thing comes the cons hand-in-hand.’

Driving a car is taking your lifeline on wheels hence making the traveling experience safely comfortable can be accomplished by  Innova accessories that are genuinely best in the market.


Akar Accessories is a premium leader of car accessories online. The brand facilitates a luxurious assortment of functionality enhancement add-ons under one roof. Akar Accessories showcases car interior accessories and car exterior accessories for Toyota Innova accessories online in India.

Why do car owners need aftermarket Innova Interior accessories Online?

The prime use of accessories is to provide a personal approach to your car, for instance covering your car seat with Innova Crysta seat cover, safeguards your original seat coverings from getting spoiled in addition to enhancing the interior look.

  • Buy from a range of the best magnetic sunshades for your SUV from our portal.
  • The sunshades lower the car inside temperature by barricading the sunlight to enter and roast the interiors.
  • Each sunshade is structured on a powder coated flexible metal frame that is covered with a perforated fabric.
  • Choose according to your requirement; as the brand has sets of 7 pieces, 6 pieces set and a single rear window sunshade.
  • The wide windows of Innova invite gazes inside giving no privacy to the riders but these magnetic sunshades are a sigh of relief.
  • Snap them up for a luxurious atmosphere in your car.

Steering Knobs

There are reports of the Innova variants witnessing cracks on the steering wheel after a certain usage. But Akar Accessories has a solution for everything; you can install a Car steering knobs to combat the problem.

Choose from an exquisite range of steering knobs from our portal.

These small knobs attach on the steering wheel to facilitate one handed driving by zero contact with the steering, hence sustaining its life span.

Give your feet a regal land to rest in the car with Innova floor mats!!

  • Floor mats adorn the original carpet of the car beautifully saving it from getting permanently stained.
  • Marketplaces are flooded with various floor mats like – TPV floor mats, 3D rubber floor mats, 7D floor mats and many more.
  • Likewise the car trunk too needs covering with Car Boot Mats as is prone to dust and scratches from the luggage it carries.
  • You can beautify your whole car with complementing mats in boot space and cabin area.

 Innova Dashboard Accessories Online

The car dashboard accessories make a huge difference in upscaling the interiors by just lying silently on the dashboard and have a weightage in Innova crysta accessories list.

Car Perfume

Choose from a magnificent range of fragrances by Akar accessories to exotically transform the whole environment of your Innova.

These are spill proof due to their gel based formula that also helps spreading the aroma for a longer time.


Car God idols and car dashboard toys also give a swanky guide to the dashboard. Akar Accessories showcases a whole arena of Car Décor that is handcrafted to a standard of perfection in terms of appearance and supremacy.

Like the interiors, your Innova’s exterior too desires for accessories to enhance the functionality and look superbly marvelous.

Toyota Innova Crysta Accessories For Its Exteriors

Do your elders and kids seek help from you while climbing in your high ground clearance SUV?

We are sure the answer might be  a big YES!!!

Then my friend, the side footsteps for Innova is your must have car accessory.

There are various options available for side footsteps but Innova crysta footrest constructed with stainless steel are the best option to install.

What factors should be considered while purchasing footsteps?

  • Should be sturdy.
  • There should be optimal foot grip.
  • Should be weatherproof.
  • And require no drilling in a car like our side foot steps for Innova crysta are the perfect example of the best side footsteps.

Have you experienced the heated parked car problem?

Cover the problem by covering your window rims with Innova door visors.

What is the best car door visor like?

  • A good door visor should have a strong formulation with a premium material.
  • These are usually fixed with an industrial tape.
  • The Car Door Visors also let you enjoy a rainy day or a snowy weather by allowing the windows partially opened yet they give a red signal to enter any foreign particle from outside.
  • These are fit conscious so should always be purchased to the car model.
  • For instance, you can view our collection of door visors for Kia Seltos and many more top brands.

Give your car a radiant glow with Innova crysta chrome accessories.

These accessories cover your car handles, window sills, tail light and head light and many more original exterior accessories with shiny streaks of silver.

Marketplaces have varied choices of chrome coverings some in adhesive form and some in coverings, though the best considered are chrome covers like of our brand’s Chrome Kit for Tata Nexon.

Save your bumper from scratches with Innova crysta bumper guard!!

Nowadays roads witness heavy traffic round the clock consequently driving a car is a strenuous job in this situation.

The bumper guard gives your car a most favorable protection from abrasions and scuffs while driving or parking in tight spots.

One of the best examples is Akar accessories bumper guard for Jeep compass.

Something to adorn your Innova’s huge roof !!!

Innova crystal is a 7 seater car that fits a huge family inside and going on a family trip is synonymous with much luggage to carry along.

But innova has been designed with a minimal boot space so here roof rails come as a great alternative for carrying cargos.

Fragmented luggage can be packed inside an Innova crysta luggage carrier that is further tied securely on roof rails.

Akar Accessories has a premium luggage carrier that is formulated for enduring serviceability and has a universal fit.

Best Car Care Accessories Online in India

Our brand puts forward a whole package of car care kit that includes car shampoo, car polish, car shiner.

The list also has inclusions of AC cleaning brush, microfiber duster and many more to keep your neat and tidy unendingly.

Pro Tip- these car cleaning accessories also cut your turnings towards the car cleaning station, thus are an economical means of maintaining the car.

Every car needs some Car Care Accessories too!!!

But you might be wondering what protection accessories are.

Browse our portal to find a chic range of car door edge guards that safeguards your precious door paints to chip off thus sustaining the original sheen and essence.

An Innova crysta key cover is also a quintessential accessory to adorn that in turn protects your key from any damages or liquid spills.

Akar accessories is a brand of genuine aftermarket car accessories where each product promises to make you satisfied with the utilization and luxury they impart to your car.