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MG Hector is a car that is class apart; the SUV is loaded with varied astonishing features and spellbinding interiors as well as exteriors. However, accessorising the hunk with premium accessories can enhance the riding and driving experiences.

Likewise, upgrade your MG Hector with eloquent and specifically designed MG hector Accessories to upscale it thus creating a distinct individuality for your asset.

Akar accessories offers a supreme range of high quality car accessories online that adorn the interiors and accentuate the exteriors beautifully.


Visit our portal for MG Hector accessories aftermarket collection that includes car care accessories, car interior accessories and car exterior accessoriesOur brand provides MG Hector accessories 2021 to 22 that suit all its variants.

Grab the Best MG Hector Car Dashboard Accessories Online

Yes we know your MG Hector has an expressive front dashboard nevertheless accessorising with appropriate kind of dashboard accessories not only gives an urbane look to the whole car décor but also increases its utility.

Whenever the word utility comes; a tissue box is the first thing that strikes the mind.

Leather Tissue Box For Car

Buy our luxurious car leather tissue box to keep your munching worry-free on the move. You can install it on your front dash or back dashboard with a 3M tape.

  • Magnetic look that is sure to attract gazes.
  • The tissue box has a sturdy formulation in black hued base.
  • Made with supreme leather that is completely odourless.
  • The structure is engineered for easy pullouts.
  • Comes with complimentary 100 pulls.
  • The material used is heatproof that has no chance to get oxidised.

Another must have car accessories that is quintessential for your hector’s interior is a good car air freshener.

Car perfume

A car air perfume is an integral part of car décor to keep your car ambiance away from the chaotic world outside and to create a magnificent aura inside by spreading its fragrance in every corner.

Choose from a range of exotic aromas by Akar accessories to twist open the vibes you want to stay in.

Our collection includes:

Musk perfume, green lime car perfume, orange car perfume, sandalwood perfume gel, mix fruit perfume gel and French car perfume.

  • A durable tin packaging that promises a spill-proof service.
  • Gel based formulae for an enduring fragrance.
  • Sticks easily with a 3M tape.
  • Heatproof outer cover.
  • Looks marvellous and each fragrance smells tremendously.
  • Value for money car accessory for your valuable MG Hector.

Car God Idols

Installing a god idol on your dashboard is a need of the hour in this era of busy and tightly packed schedules to worship and seek blessings on the go.

Akar accessories presents before you an array of God Idols made from acrylic, polymarble and some in metallic frames and resins.

  • These god figurines impart positive vibes.
  • Add a ritzy accent to the dashboard.
  • Have robust construction with premium quality material that does not oxidise.
  • Stick easily on dashboard with an industrial adhesive.
  • Have standard dimensions that promise a picture perfect appearance to the dashboard and does not hinder driving vision.

Car Dashboard Toys

We have bought an elegant range of plush animal soft toys to enliven the child hidden inside you and some brass based car decorations for a drool-worthy Hector dashboard.

  • The soft toys are in varied animal shapes that are made with supreme
  • Are easy to install and do not hinder vision.
  • Each of them is finished with expertise for a non-oxidizing life-span.
  • Are easy to maintain.
  • Soft toys have dual benefits; while decorating your car can be your kid’s travel partner too.


Car steering knobs

  • This is a leather round knob that facilitates one handed driving.
  • Imparts a luxurious approach to the cabin and can be easily attached to the steering wheel.

Car magnetic phone holder

Mobile phones are like second breaths without which it is impossible to live, so carry your phone stylishly and hassle freely with this car phone holder by Akar Accessories that snugs the phone intact.

  • The holder can be glued anywhere on the dashboard for convenient access.
  • Can even be attached to steering wheel and AC vents.

The MG Hector car accessories by Akar are made to impress and are sure to dazzle everyone with your car’s elegant and luxurious quotient.

Interior Accessories For MG Hector

Create a charismatic environment that takes you apart from the outside hustle by covering your car windows with sun shades.

MG Hector Sun shades

Our brand offers magnetic sunshades that are specially designed for MG Hector for a custom fit.

  • Engineered with advanced laser technology ideally patterned to mask each window.
  • Has a flexible yet strong wire frame.
  • The hector window blinds are designed with a black cloth mesh that provides a breathable and dust free car ambiance if windows are rolled down.
  • Limits the peep inside visibility to 30% thus provides utmost privacy for a comfortable journey.
  • The limited visibility acts as a theft prevention tool so the accessory can be an alternative to the MG Hector car cover.
  • The sunshades lower down the car temperature that shoots up due to sun heat.
  • These are extremely useful for barricading harmful UVA rays and prevent the expensive interiors of Hector from getting oxidised.
  • The magnetic attribute helps them adhere firmly to the inner rim of windows.
  • Choose according to your convenience from sets of one to seven pieces.
  • Each set comes with a complementary shade bag for easy storage.

Shower some love on original car floor with MG Hector floor mats

Your car is a pricey asset and safeguarding its original essence with the best MG Hector car accessories is the key to prolonging its scalability.

  • Akar Accessories has come up with distinct Lifelong Foot mats that are made with toxic free TPV material.
  • These MG Hector floor mats provide a custom fit to the car to cover every inch of the floor to keep original carpet stain free.
  • The mats are weatherproof, waterproof and are totally odourless.
  • These come in a set of four pieces that have raised edges to trap the dirt there and then.
  • The car floor mats are easy to install and are super easy to maintain.
  • You will surely love to step in your car after installing this gorgeous beauty.

Boot mats for MG Hector

  • The TPV trunk mats by Akar Accessories flawlessly cover the boot space to preserve the original boot carpet and to safeguard the trunk from any abrasions given by the luggage it carries.
  • These possess 3D designs to trap all the grime.
  • The mats provide a spectacular look to the boring boot area.

The range of MG Hector accessories by the brand is not confined to beautifying the interior besides we have a premium collection to accentuate the exteriors too.

MG Hector Door Visor

  • These are black translucent sleek bands that adhere to outer rims of all the windows to barricade rain, snow and dust to enter the car while windows are partially opened.
  • The car door visors by Akar Accessories are model conscious and are ideally designed to suit Hector’s windows for a flawless fit.
  • These come in a set of four and can be easily glued with 3M tape.
  • Your Hector speaks to high speeds that might make squeaky wind noise; these window visors are designed in an aerodynamic pattern to stop that daunting sound and make your trips enjoyable.

A car with high ground clearance needs a side foot steps for easy access.

MG Hector Side Foot Steps

  • We create only masterpieces for the genius vehicle and a side footstep is one such auto accessory that is constructed with stainless steel and is attributed for optimal foot grip.
  • Is a blessing in disguise for elders and kids.
  • These steps wouldn’t hamper your hector’s body so are installed by attaching their clamps under the door sill.
  • This is a smart investment as the footsteps also serve as additional dust trapping mats.

Akar accessories also deals in  the best MG Hector plus accessories, Kia sonnet accessories, jeep compass accessories. accessories for Innova and fortuner accessories.

All the accessories provide a spectacular look to the car while upgrading the functionality and the collections has inclusions of car care accessories like AC Vent cleaner, twin duster and microfiber duster to upkeep the car spec free round the clock.