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Kia Seltos is a car that is driving millions of hearts crazy and thousands of eyes fantasising it; people are going gaga over finding kia genuine accessories to beautify this stunning vehicle more.

Akar Accessories have bought a series of kia aftermarket accessories to quench the thirst of proud owners by showcasing a range of car accessories that includes car interior accessories, car dashboard accessories, and car care accessories.

All the kia seltos accessories vary from each other in terms of utility, price and appearance but float on the same premium quality boat as are certainly the best car accessories online.

Premium Quality Kia Seltos Accessories Online

The first and foremost glance of a car interior comes from its dashboard and substantially of the ambience by stepping inside the car; hence, investing in luxurious dashboard accessories is a step forward towards an upscale car decor.


A good car perfume is a quintessential car décor accessory to keep your car fragrant round the clock indiscreet of weather conditions.

Choose from our range of heavenly aromas of car air fresheners that look swanky and fill the car ambiance with the vibes you want to create.

Dashboard Toys for Car

You can find an array of premium quality dashboard toys from animal soft toy car decorations to metal based car décor that simply enhance the car driving experience and invite joyful vibes.

Car Dashboard Idols

God is omnipresent but placing god idols on your car dashboard transforms the whole environment into a positive space and seeking their divine blessings on the wheels in a chic manner from our varied range of Car God Idols highlights your versatile personality.

Car Tissue Box

A stylish car tissue box silently speaks volumes about the car owner’s persona, so turn your dashboard luxurious and keep your every ride spec-free with our leather tissue box that comes with complementary 100 pulls and has a sturdy construction.

Pro Tip- stay assured, any of the dashboard accessories wouldn’t hurt your car’s precious surface and can be easily installed with a 3M tape; the dashboard accessories have a universal compatibility.

Kia Genuine Accessories Online

We know you are already in love with the ritzy car interiors of your Kia but accentuating that stunning quotient with the best kia car accessories tailor made with expertise is the key to content rides.

Kia Floor Mats

The expensive wheels have expensive interiors which if stained would surely strain your mind and to safeguard the car floor, foot mats are a must have accessory.

We offer TPV Floor Mats for Kia Seltos also known as Lifelong mats due to their endurance, these floor mats are model conscious to cater the needs tactfully.

The set of 4 piece foot mats adorn the car interior elegantly while masking every inch of carpet area to keep dust and dirt at bay from adhering to original carpets.

Kia Boot Mats

Save your hardworking car boot from getting abrasions and scratches from the luggage it carries by covering it with supreme Kia trunk mats.

These trunk liners are constructed with sturdy TPV material that promises a long lasting serviceability.

Find such mats at our portal to line your Kia’s trunk area and sustain the trunk board’s original essence.

Kia Seltos Sun Shades

Sun heat enters the car from windows with its best companion – UV rays, to roast the car thus, oxidising the car interior accessories.

The car’s transparent glasses also give a clear view of inside the car with no room for privacy; so to obstruct the gazes from entering in and the sun heat to raise the inside temperature your Kia needs a set of sunshades to cover the windows.

Marketplaces are flooded with loads of sunshades but one can choose wisely for the best amongst them at our portal that offers a set of Kia Seltos magnetic sunshades.


  •   Comes in a set of five pieces
  •   Has a robust construction on a corrosion-free metallic frame.
  •   The sunshades offer minimal view with highly-perforated black fabric.
  •   The sunshades enhance the whole car’s appearance from inside out.
  •   These are super easy to install and do not hamper the windows movement.

Find The Best Kia Exterior Accessories Online

Accessorising your car from inside increases its utility and gracing it from outside creates a distinct niche for the car and its proud owner.

Our brand offers many exterior accessories for Kia Seltos and various Kia sonnet accessories too; make them yours at special prices from our portal.

Kia Car Door Visors

Car door visors also known as wind deflectors act as barriers against rain, snow and dust to enter the car while windows are partially opened.

Our brand offers specifically designed Car Door Visors to suit Kia models 2020-22.

  •       Engineered with robust construction, these door visors are adhered to the outer rim of windows with a provided 3M tape.
  •       Aerodynamic in shape these also stop whiny wind sound while the car is on high speed.
  •       Weather-proof and waterproof, the window accessory is easy to maintain.
  •       Allows leaving the windows partially opened in parked cars so as to ventilate any heat formation without the fear of getting dust inside the car.
  •       Looks stunning while increasing the window's functionality.


Kia Seltos Side Foot Steps

Entering a high ground clearance car is a task for many and the side footsteps facilitate simpler stepping in the car.

Choose the best for your Kia Seltos from our portal.

  •   The side footsteps offer high resilience and can hold a weight upto 150kgs.
  •   Constructed with superior stainless steel that is topped with an anti-rust polish.
  •   3D rubber design that offers a promising foot grip.
  •   Can be easily installed by attaching its three clamps under the door’s outer sills.
  •   Comes in a set of 2 pieces
  •   Does not hamper the ground clearance
  •   Luxuriously enhances the car's appearance.


Kia Setlos Roof Rails

Roof rails add dimensions to the car by giving it a sportier look in addition to increasing the car roof’s functionality.

Akar Accessories offers a set of premium quality roof rails for Kia Seltos that eases carrying huge loads on roofs which do not fit in the car boot.

  •   Aerodynamic in shape that accelerates speed.
  •   Constructed with high quality fibre material.
  •   Allows carrying fragmented loads in a luggage carrier kit that can be tied securely on roof rails.
  •   Waterproof and heatproof
  •   Do not oxidise


Kia Car Care Accessories Online at Best Prices

Akar accessories understand the needs and love for your Kia Seltos, thus have come up with an array of accessories that can help keep your car spec-free all around the corner.

  • A microfiber car duster.
  • A twin car duster.
  • An AC vent cleaner.
  • A magnetic phone holder.
  • Varied steering knobs for easy and joyous rides.
  • We also offer a whole package of car care kit that includes car polish, upholstery cleaner, car shiner and many more such accessories to make your car a classy style partner.
FAQs for Kia Seltos Accessories

What is Kia accessory kit?

The accessory kit for Kia includes kia door visors, kia seltos floor mats, kia seltos trunk mats, roof rails for kia seltos, kia seltos side footsteps and kia sun shades.

What are the accessories in Kia Seltos?

A swanky car needs luxurious accessories to upgrade the riding experience that include car interior accessories, car exterior accessories and car care accessories.