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People spend a fortune of their earnings in buying their dream car and maintaining this prized possession is a strenuous task for everyone. Marketplaces are cascading with numerous car accessories that help achieve a niche appearance and upgrade the car’s functionality but there are many car interior accessories that help sustain the car’s tidiness flawlessly; one of them is a car tissue box.


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Best Car Tissue Box Online

An integral part of car dashboard accessories, a tissue box is of great help as it is the most convenient and an affordable mode to keep the car spec free round the clock.


Car tissue paper holder has gained top notch fame amongst the crowd after the spawning of covid-19 as everyone has become super conscious of keeping the surroundings germ and dirt free.

Every ride is accompanied by munching and snacking and the liquid spillovers and the scattered food crumbles become a host of germs that not only hamper the car interiors but also affect the rider’s health and not to forget the food stained interior develop a peculiar smell in the whole car and then you would surely want to head to a car cleaning station that burns a hole in your pocket with every visit. So, to escape from all this keeping a car tissue box holder is quintessential.

Premium Car Interior Accessories Online

Akar accessories, a leading brand of premium car accessories showcase a vivid range of useful and modish luxury accessories for car exterior and interior that include a car perfume, car steering knobs, car dashboard toys, car seat covers, car bumper guard, chrome kit for car and many such amazing car adornments.

The brand has come up with a distinct leather tissue box which is amongst the most sold out accessories of the portal; this car tissue box holder is an elegant piece of car décor that enhances the car dashboard and serves an unparalleled utility.

This black leather tissue box is made of high quality material and is constructed on a robust frame that provides an enduring life-span. A white embroidery thread streak runs by the whole body of the car tissue holder making it a striking and eye-catching car accessory.

It possesses a wide mouth for smooth and hassle free sliding of tissues and the panache it provides to your car interior would surely make head turns towards you.

So, now give a red light to liquid spillovers and food spills to stay in your car and just slide a tissue from the swanky tissue box placed on your dashboard and keep your car germ free and your confidence high with the well maintained car throughout the ride.

Pro Tip – the leather tissue box by Akar Accessories is irresistibly elegant and you can use it in your workspace or beautify your home dining area too.

Important Aspects Of Tissue Box Holder For Car Dashboard

Car accessories silently speak about the car owner’s personality and a luxurious car décor adds volumes to the person’s impression; so choosing your car interior accessories wisely is the key to upscale you in this cutting-edge era. There are certain essential aspects that should be kept in mind before making a purchase of car tissue box:

Shape: there are abundant shape choices to make from but the best is a rectangular shape tissue holder that fits the tissue papers well and eventually provides a smooth deliverance of papers. The tissue box should be soft cornered as the Akar accessories tissue holder has arched edges that limits any scratches on the windshield of the car.

Placement: keeping this accessory right in front of you facilitates ease as while driving you don’t have to panic for finding tissues at the time of need and it also gives an OOMPH factor to your car dashboard.

Size: it ought to have a standard size that does not hinder your vision while driving and light in weight so if you do not stick it on the dashboard, it is easy for even a kid to pick it up and pass it to others.

Material: a high quality and climate resistant material is must as the car interior accessories tend to oxidise by sun heat and a withered car accessory would bring thumbs down to your esteem. The material should be soft enough so as it does not harm the car interior if not stuck at a place.

Car tissue box holder provides ease at the time of attention your car requires at the moment it becomes dirty and using premium car tissue papers is essential as low grade tissues won’t serve the purpose. With a purchase of leather tissue box from our portal, you get a complementary set of finest 2 Ply car tissue paper and if you are a person with extra conscious, you can buy another set of tissues at an amazing price from Akar Accessories website, so no need to run further in search of tissues as you get the whole package under a single roof.

FAQs for Car Tissue Box

Where should tissues be stored in a car?

Finding the scattered tissues in glove box and back of seat covers brings unnecessary hassles to the car rides, placing the tissue papers in a stylish tissue box holder eases out all your cleaning worries.

How do you attach tissue boxes to a car?

Car front dashboard is the ideal place for attaching a tissue box and fixing it at one place with a 3M tape prevents its movement on the dashboard while the car is in motion.

Where do you put tissue in car?

A well maintained and well organised car always invites positive vibes and putting your tissues in a car tissue box holder is a good idea to upkeep your car.