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Every car has transparent window glasses with wide open faces which provide zero privacy and abundance of sun heat and UV Rays entering your car and oxidising the car interior. Touching your parked car in summers is similar to touching a fiery hot furnace and sitting inside the roasted car is a big challenge. But the saviour is here, car sun shade which not only lowers down the temperature but also provides a bit of privacy you need while sitting comfortably in the car.


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Anti-ultraviolet Car Sun Shade With an Auto-retractable Feature

Sunshades gained popularity when tinted glasses were banned in India and since then various kinds of car sun shades are being sold in the marketplace and has become a most preferred car accessories among the car owners.


Some with vacuum tags and some plain black but choosing the best amongst them without vivid knowledge is a difficult task.

Akar Accessories a one stop shop for car accessories that offers a wide range of premium car accessories including magnetic shades for car, car perfumes, car dashboard accessories and many other car exterior accessories to relish upon.

The Need Of Car Interior Accessories

From kids to aged people, everyone loves to wear sunshades to safeguard themselves from scorching heat, then why not gift your asset the car interior accessories which can make it a style statement on roads while protecting its interiors to stay cool in summers.

Many times we cancel our road trips in summers due to melting heat waves and the sun heat which heats up the car and makes it almost unbearable to sit in.

But not anymore, a fully covered car sun visor is all you need to beat the heat. But purchasing a premium quality car sun protector is necessary to enjoy the summer in style.

Order online the best car sun shades from our portal which includes distinct car window blinds that are made to impress and provide a luxurious touch to car interior and exterior.

Best Magnetic Sun Shades at Akar Accessories

We can feel your pain of sticking the car window shades again and again as the vacuum buttons of car shades tend to wither out too quickly and for that we have bought many car models compliant magnetic sun shades for you; now make your drives hassle-free and content with our best accessories for car sun shades.

Akar Accessories magnetic shades 

Magnetic sun shades for car as the name suggests these car accessories flawlessly adhere to the window rims of cars and act as the best sun visors.

The construction has a rust free metal frame with a screen of perforated holes for translucent vision from inside and is designed to cover the whole area of window glass, thus providing complete privacy.

The supreme fabric used in the car sun shade provides proper ventilation if the car windows are rolled down. These car accessories excel in every aspect, from looking elegant to being value for money, the sun shades also prove to be a theft prevention tool as your parked car will have zero view from outside.

Explore Our Wide Range OF Luxury Car Brands Sun shades

You name it and we have it, be it nexon accessories or Hyundai accessories, our car accessories are compatible with any four wheelers and are tailor made to fit perfectly. You can also find Kia Seltos sunshade, Innova Crysta Magnetic sunshades and Hyundai creta Sun shades all under one roof, we have distinct jeep logo sun shades for Jeep compass also.

FAQs for Car Sun Shades

What type of car sun shade is best?

The hassle-free, magnetic shades are considered the best for car; you can find a sunshade according to your car model from our range of premium quality rust free sun visors.

Is Sun Shade allowed in car?

Being comfortable is no offence!!!!! Car sun shades are totally legal in India.

What can I put on my car windows to keep the sun out?

There were times when people used to obstruct the sun heat by hanging towels on window glasses. Now the sunshades provide blissful drives and amazing journeys by keeping harmful UV rays out and good memories in the car.

Are sunshades for car worth it?

The answer is a big YES. Sunshades for car is the best alternative to skip the heated world and create a car ambiance like never before.

Is magnetic sunshade good?

Magnetic sunshades are obedient car accessories, once stuck will not get off the place unless you do that; especially car shades by Akar accessories that are easy to install, have immense durability and if unused are easy to stack too.