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We, at Akar Accessories understand the agony of malodorous cars and will tell you the reason why your car craves for a car perfume & freshener. A popular maxim says- ‘You are not completely dressed without a perfume’ and the same implies with your car. Car air fresheners have been around since the 1940s and since then cars have been gleaming with joy. It is not only essential for your car’s ambience but it is equally significant for you too.


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Best Car Perfume & Fresheners Must have in Your Car

Believe us, your car would be feeling the same and we can comprehend the car’s language well. Like human babies, cars always need the similar tender care and if the owner tends to ignore the small but essential requirements, the vehicle starts to grieve. 


Adorning with accurate and best quality car dashboard accessories and beautifying the car’s interior is the key to a happy car and a happier you. The first and foremost accessory which you should install is a good rather best car air freshener/ car perfume gel and turn your every drive a bliss.

 Relieve your worries for searching the perfect car perfume as we are here to dig you out of all the anxieties regarding your dream luxury car.

Akar Accessories is a premium brand of car accessories, where we cognize the car’s desires and your requirements. So, satiate the hunger of your car by accessorizing it with our distinct range of luxurious car perfumes and liven up your car with the rich aromas of exclusive dashboard perfumes.


Luxury Look For Your Car Interior With Car Freshener 

 You go through so much in life, your bright days and sometimes gloomy days, many ups and downs but the thing which remains constant is your loving car which makes it your best companion. So gratify the connection you share with your vehicle by making it smell heavenly good.

Just imagine stepping inside an aromatic car and calming yourself with the whimsical ambience created by car perfume’s fragrance.

Doesn’t that sound great?  Yes!!! We can feel you smiling.  

There are numerous car perfumes available in the market but choosing judiciously is the thing to do.

How to choose the best car air perfume? 

It should have a calming fragrance which lasts long and at the same time can be bought for a song. A good car air freshener should have the ability to aromatize every nook and corner of the car.

And last but not the least a swanky packaging with controllable diffusing is necessary. Have a look at the array of distinguished Akar car perfumes and we promise you’ll be lured to purchase one (or all of ‘em).

Types Of Car Perfume Online at Akar Accessories

Green lime car perfume gel:

Apt for nature lovers, its fresh fragrance will make you travel to the countryside.

Energize your car’s dashboard with this chic and easy to install air freshener that comes in a tin container and an outer layer of sublime packaging.

The whole container makes the gel spill-proof and is decorous for all kinds of premium cars like Hyundai, etc.

Rain or shine this car air freshener will make your drives fragrant every single time. The luxurious car perfume weighs 130 grams.

Sandalwood Perfume Gel:

 Wood – wood – the – woody log……. Do you want luxury in style while sitting comfortably in your car? Then this Sandalwood car perfume gel would be a perfect choice for you. 

This perfume gel has a long lasting warm, smooth and woody fragrance. Twist open  the rich aroma and its calming sandalwood fragrance will take you miles apart.

Orange Perfume Gel – 

Then this one can be your perfect companion while driving. The citrus scent ensures to uplift your mood and its mind healing attributes gives a space for contentment and a no room for stress.

Musk Perfume Gel-

 This luxurious aroma will aesthetically enhance your car’s vibes. This perfume gel is sheer sophistication packed in a small tin full of rich aroma. 

The Musk Car freshener is one of the most curated car perfumes, suitable for removing strong odours and creating an ambience like never before. 

Pro Tip – Gotta a date drive? Musk car perfume will be a perfect choice

 Mix Fruit Perfume Gel

Imagine driving through hectic traffic still feeling the natural essence tinkering around you.. doesn’t it sound good? We are sure this would have brightened you up and for maintaining that sheen; 

we offer this natural fruity aromatic perfume that can prove to be a mood up lifter at just Rs 395 in a dainty packaging. Install it on your car’s dashboard and let the fruity fragrance spread its magic.

 French Lemon Perfume Gel 

Sit in your car, close your eyes and yes there you are in an open field full of fresh breezy air and a pleasant aroma all around. 

A mood booster perfume gel that is fabricated with an organic bouquet of French lemons to suit your car well in spring summer. Make your impression an inevitable one with this car perfume gel. 


Benefits of Akar perfume Gels 

India has a maximum of hot and humid weather and due to this weather; the plastic in car produces invisible smelly fumes that makes the car stinky.

The perfume gels we offer are highly useful in concealing such pungent smells. Having a meal on the wheel? Need not worry about the smell spread by food as our car perfumes are there for the rescue.

It is evident that car air fresheners relax your mind and our pleasantly organic smelling perfumes create a tranquil environment for you round the clock.

Like ‘Home is the reflection of its homemaker’ so is a car of its owner and be a proud owner of a car which is beautiful from inside and out.

So drive the miles with a smile with soul soothing fragrances; just remove  the  top plastic cap and  pull the metal hook upward to open the container and re-fix the plastic cap and your perfume is ready to go merrily.


All our car perfumes are composed of alcohol-free gelling agents that help in endurance of whiff, sumptuous oils which provide the car with irritant-free ambiance and permissible colors.

FAQs for Akar Accessories Car Perfume Gel

Which perfume is best for car?

A pocket-friendly car perfume which has supreme air freshening qualities and has an endurance is considered the best for your car.

Below are the links of some best in class and luxurious car air perfume.

  1. Green lime car perfume gel
  2. Sandalwood Perfume Gel
  3. Orange Perfume Gel
  4. Musk Perfume Gel
  5. Mix Fruit Perfume Gel
  6. French Lemon Perfume Gel 

What is the most popular car air freshener?

The citrusy aromas have won everyone’s heart since inception. The popularity gained is because of the freshness and calmness delivered by these perfume gels to hydrate your soul and mind.


What is a good website for car accessories?

The Internet is flooded with loads of websites selling car accessories but the entity is to choose wisely from a genuine website which offers an insight of each and every product, caters its customers well and offers premium quality products which are suitable for all the cars. One such website that follows a special campaign – ‘Made in India’ which makes every Indian proud.


What are the most popular car accessories?

Luxury car perfumes have always marked a top notch among all the car accessories online or offline .

It is a just tiny investment to upgrade your car that makes driving content and joyous.


Which brand of air freshener is best?

A smartly packaged spill proof car air freshener seems to be the best and some of those offered by AKAR ACCESSORIES.