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A true car fanatic spends a lot on maintaining the car interiors by accessorising it with premium and finest car accessories, especially the car floor mats that is a basic necessity for a car to possess. These act as clothes for the car floor that protect it from being exposed to destructive elements.


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Premium Quality Car Floor Mats Online

Car floor is a sturdy base that goes through a lot during its whole lifespan. The food spillovers, our dirty and dusty shoes, pet’s paws scratches – it resists them all but this auto part delivering a selfless duty needs some extra care and attention from the proud owners.


It is quintessential to know that the entire car’s skeleton – the chassis is a metal frame and on that every auto part stands and the fleshy car floors needs some nice clothes to wear.

As the passage of time and with the wear and tear, many times water starts to collect between the car floor and chassis that eventually results in rust, molds, bad odour and generation of harmful bacteria that may cause numerous diseases and eventually the car performance and functionality decreases to the lowermost.

There may be many reasons for waterlogging – rain water seeps down the car floor from open windows or from our wet and dirty shoes that gradually decomposes the car floor quality. As an adage – ‘prevention is better than cure’; safeguard your car floor by matting it with the car floor covering that are specifically designed for your car model to mask every inch of the car floor to give no room to dirt and dust that usually make their home in tiny spaces.

This car interior accessories not solely gives the car decor a new and refreshing appearance but also sustains the car floor’s original essence. Find the best car floor mats online at Akar Accessories, a prime manufacturer of car accessories that offers exclusively designed car floor mats for specific car models and also offer a premium range of car perfumes, car dashboard accessories and many car exterior accessories.

Explore a Wide Range Of Car Foot Mats

On an average, people spend more than 100 minutes in their car on a daily basis and the time we spend on the wheels needs to have a healthy air to breathe in and for that dirt free ambiance, one needs a good car floor mat to shoo away all the grime away from your car.

But understanding your car type is the key to purchasing a perfect framed car mat. Ease out your worried eyebrows, as Akar Accessories is here to guide and deliver the best car floor mats according to your car.

Understanding your car model’s need:

There are plenty of choices for car mats to choose from fabric car mats, rubber car mats, 7D car mats, 5D car mats, 3D car mats, TPV car mats and the list goes on but choosing an appropriate color brightens up your car cabin and choosing the right kind enhances functionality.

A set of kia seltos floor mat varies from that of Mahindra thar car mats similarly a set of Tata Nexon car mats is different from Hyundai Creta car floor mats or car floor mats for MG Hector floor mats.

These all car models quest different car mat fittings but one thing that flows common, is the enduring quality and efficiency they require in them and Akar Accessories ensures the high-end quality products for each and every above mentioned car model. You can choose from a varied choice of materials we offer for these car floor coverings.

Car Mats For Jeep Compass

Jeep compass owners have a choice between fabric car foot mats and rubber car foot mats.

Fabric foot mats for jeep compass

These car mats are constructed with superior and the most soft feel fabric that quickly absorbs any liquid spillage and dust or grime and are backed by anti-slip lining.

These come with a Velcro fix at the back that stabilises them at one place. The fabric car floor coverings are highly absorbent, so facilitates to keep the car floor tidy till a long time. And whenever you feel like cleaning them, just pull them out, wash it with soapy water and give it a good rinse or just use a car vacuum cleaner.

Rubber Mats For Jeep Compass

If you are a style conscious person then the rubber 3D mats can be your perfect pick. The jeep compass 3D mats are no less than luxury at your feet and confidence in your eyes.

The versatile look and the niche fit of this car floor covering is remarkable, being 100% waterproof these rubber car mats are climate proof too that means a rainy weather or a sunny day wouldn’t affect its efficiency.

The custom fit design provides a seamless coverage of the entire carpet area and the raised edges ensure the dust and dirt to be trapped there and then. The 3 dimensional car mats are fixed with the inbuilt locks that provide an ease of installation and grace in car interior.

TPV Car Floor Mats

Thermoplastic vulcanisate (TPV) car mats are the next big thing in the market of car foot mats. Being eco-friendly and non-toxic, these are highly resistant to heat and deformation and are the most durable amongst all, with so many qualities no doubt the TPV mats are also referred as Lifelong Car Mats. Akar Accessories offers TPV car mats online for Kia seltos, Mahindra Thar, Tata Nexon, MG Hector and Hyundai Creta.

Benefits of Car Floor Mats

These are the must have accessories in your car to keep it tidy and luxurious round the clock. Your car is a big investment and adorning it with a value for money and high quality floor mat preserves your investment that would prove helpful if you sell your used car or make it an heirloom. Seeing the same interiors may be monotonous and installing car mats can be exciting and appealing to eyes at the same time. So flaunt off your well maintained car and make an impeccable impression on others.

FAQs for Car Floor Mats

Which is best floor mat for cars?

The car mat that is durable and highly resistant to water and heat is considered the best of all like fabric car floor mats, 3D rubber car floor mats and TPV car mats by Akar Accessories.

Is floor mat necessary in car?

Floor mats protect your car floor from getting withered out, so this is a basic car accessory that your car needs to adorn.

How much does it cost to mat a car?

Safeguarding the car interior and enhancing the aesthetics of your car is worth every penny spent. Find value for money car floor mats online at our website and get exciting offers too.

What is 7D mat?

A 7D car floor mat is similar to 3D floor mats but has higher edges for better masking. These are composed of EVA material, velcro, artificial leather and foam.