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Imagine it is drizzling and you are sitting inside the car but cannot enjoy the light rain because you fear to open the windows and eventually get the interiors wet and to bring an end to this plight. Car door visor plays an essential role. These thin strips car exterior accessories are glued to the outer portion of window rims on all the four windows.


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Best Window Rain Protector By Akar Accessories

There are ample numbers of car window visor also known as car rain guards available in marketplaces varying in appearance, feel and mode of installation.


The door visor for car is one of the underrated auto accessories but is gaining fame gradually due to its exclusive utilities. Differentiating these car accessories categorically – there are mainly two types of car door rain guard – one which sticks to the window rim and another one is fixed in the rim channels. However, the sticking door visor is relatively popular because of its ease in installation.

Buy Car Exterior Accessories Online at Best Prices

As aforesaid, door visors come in a variety of shapes and materials but the finest amongst them are considered upon many other factors like door visor price, the perfect shape and width, durability and of course its resistance to sun heat and other weather conditions.

The car sun visor offered by Akar Accessories has prime quality acrylic material base and has a standard arch diameter so as to obstruct rain from coming inside.

These deflectors come in a set of four; the brand offers a superior range of Kia Sonet door visors for specifically designed innova door visor and innova crysta door visor is also available, other premium brand cars accessories like tata nexon door visor can also be chosen from our web portal.

The size, price and fit differ but the main characteristic – the durability and persistence remains the same. Our sun visors come with 3M tape for glueing them to window rims.

The jet black colour and the aerodynamic shape make it a luxurious car accessories. So swing in style with these appealing car doors visors and feel the rain drops without any reluctance and fear of getting your car seats wet.

Considerable Factors About a Car Door Visor 

Car Window visors should always be purchased according to your car model because every set varies from another in fit and door visor price varies too.

Unlike other accessories like car perfumes and car tissue box, the door visors are fit conscious like a door visor for tata nexon will not serve as door visor for jeep compass.

The car door/window visor is an all-rounder car exterior accessory, as while it eliminates rain to enter inside the car, these door rain guards also serve as sun guards for car.

If you listen to tech-experts, it is advised to leave your window glass to be opened a bit to ventilate any heat pressure in a parked car. And here the car door window visor acts as a barrier against dust and dirt and protects the car interior to heat up from sun heat so is also referred as car sun visor.

The door visors improve the aerodynamic stance of the vehicle, if put in simple words; it helps in accelerating the speed of the car due to its shape that helps in cutting the wind in the opposite direction.

While the car is running on a high speed it creates a squeaky irritating wind sound and this flappy car window accessories also known as Wind deflector does a superb job here too by reducing that sound.

FAQs for Car Door Visor

What is the use of car door visor?

Door visors obstruct rain from coming in, eliminate dirt and dust if windows are partially opened, increase aesthetic value of the car, find a suitable one for your car at Akar Accessories portal and order online for exciting offers.

Why do cars have rain guards?

Car rain guards give the pleasure of enjoying rains sitting inside the car by allowing the rider to partially open the car window; it blocks the rain water entry inside the car. So enjoy the rainy weather with some snacks on the move without fearing the car interior getting wet.

What is Sun door visor?

A door visor is referred as Sun Door Visor when it stops sun heat from entering the parked car with windows rolled a bit down to exhaust heat.

Are car door visors necessary?

Accessorising your car is totally upon your will but it is necessary to install some accessories which enhance car appearance while giving utility advantages. A car door visor acts as an essential exterior accessory that stands as a barrier against rain, increases car speed and gives the car a swanky look.

How do you install car door visors?

There are two ways to install car door visors – one is to stick it with an industrial adhesive on the outer lip of the window rim and second is to fix it in the rim channel. The door visors by Akar Accessories are easy to install with the provided 3M tape and can be done without any professional help so you don’t have to run to a car clinic for getting it fixed.