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Your car is valuable in every aspect, as an asset and emotionally too and it needs tender care similar to a baby. Be the car care accessories, its interior, exterior or any other part, every nook and corner needs your special attention. But in this busy life and jam packed schedules it is almost obsolete to have time to take the car to cleaning stations again and again and every single visit burns a hole in your pocket.


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Buy Car Cleaning Accessories Online in India

After going through the lockdowns in the past some time, everyone has learnt to do things on their own and it’s not rocket science to take care of your car and the best thing is at your convenience.

You just need a car cleaning kit and your little bit of time; strengthen the bond between you and your car and set the road on fire with your ever shining hot wheels.

Akar Accessories, a leading car accessory brand has come with a whole range of car care products, easy to use and highly efficient, these auto accessories are a blessing for car owners.


Essential Car Cleaning Products

All you need is a luxury car clean kit. A comprehensive bunch of car care products have implementations in car interior cleaning as well as exterior shining.

We know, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from purchasing the entire range of essential car cleaning products you ought to have for a round the clock cleanliness.

Your car should be given a CTM routine (Cleansing, Toning, Moisturising) and for that the below auto cleaning products are essential in your cleaning bucket.

Best Car Cleaning Brush Online in India

Microfiber duster for car an essential and the most conveniently affordable car cleaning accessories to keep your car spac free.

A microfiber car duster is way more result delivering than any normal cotton cloth and is extremely useful to absorb and clean liquid spillovers.

Akar Car Accessories offers one such best quality microfiber car duster, being super soft there are no chances of scratches while cleaning and it leaves the surface streak free and dirt free.

car duster brush –

Useful for wiping dry dust from the car interior and exterior, a quick swipe with this brush and a neat and clean car awaits you.

Premium Jopasu Car Duster, constructed with supreme cotton strands, its strong wooden handle gives a good support for cleaning car roofs and places unreachable by hand.

Get one for your car to keep it tidy with this soft and durable wooden car brush. Bonus – you can save water by using this car cleaning tool as it has a waterless cleaning attribute.

Car Seat Cleaner-

The car seats are the most susceptible car interior accessories to get soiled every now and then and with that dirt and dust comes trillions of microscopic germs.

While we are protecting ourselves with sanitizers, our car seats need a good sanitizing cleaner too. Best car seat cleaner just a foamy spray followed by a gentle wipe with a car duster provides a germ free car interior and a calming aroma which will leave you amused.

Be it a leather seat cover or any other material seats, this car cleaner becomes a great friend of every material.

car polish kit 

A new car charms everyone with its radiance but with the passage of time, the car paint and interior polish tend to turn dull and lifeless.

You can maintain the shine of car exterior accessories and interior parts like they are just born. For regaining that original glow, your car needs a car polish kit that facilitates blemish free cleaning of rubber, glass and plastic surfaces. best quality car polish kit that includes various cleaning agents and each has a distinct utilisation.

Car Wash Products

A car shampoo is a must have for attaining a clean and gleam look as its formulation assures to retain the car paint intact. Choose the best car shampoo online for your auto accessories from AA*’s portal. The brand’s shampoo is designed to remove all the dirt in one simple application. Going to a car spa is time consuming, hectic and expensive, so choose this convenient and value for money car wash liquid for your vehicle.

An All-rounder Car Care Products

Cleanses every nook and corner of car interior accessories, its usage is remarkable especially on car floor coverings which tend to gather and absorb so much dirt and eventually causes allergies. So say a big no to germs causing allergies and flues by choosing the best car upholstery cleaner available at online portal.

Car polish

Suitable for interior and exterior car accessories, this car cleaning product is applicable on all sorts of material and surfaces.

The car polish offered by Akar accessories polishes and locks the result for a long time and is also helpful in concealing minor scratches.

Even the slightest accessories like window rims or bigger parts like dashboard and glove box gleam with this car conditioner. Polishing an old car can instantly shine it like a new one and applying it on a new car helps maintain the sheen.

FAQs for Car Care Accessories

What are car care products?

These are car wash products required specifically for maintaining the lustre of different surfaces of cars and also help in bringing back the lost sheen of accessories. A list of car care products which can turn an old car into new is – a good car wash, best quality car polish, premium car surface shiner and a car duster.

What car care product is best?

A car clean kit in whole is the best and for the supreme car care products online, visit our website……

What is a car care kit?

A car care kit is a whole package of cleaning, toning and moisturising your car interiors and exteriors. It is essential to choose the best care kit for car so as to yield the best results. Akar Accessories is a one stop shop for premium car accessories and car cleaning solutions, the brand offers exciting discounts on car cleaning kit which includes every important cleaning product for car to gleam with joy.

Which is the best polish for cars?

A car polish, formulated with high density molecules that settle and blend on the surface magically, leaving no marks and lock its radiance is considered best for car surfaces. One of the best car surface polish is – Mopar car polish by Akar accessories that does its job well and safeguards the surface from wear and tear.

What products do I need to clean my car?

A car shampoo, a microfiber duster, a car dusting brush, water pipe and a car cleaner and shiner is all you need for a spec free, fresh and fragrant car. Find all of these car care products online at our web portal to make your car as fresh as new.