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Akar accessories, a premium brand of car accessories offers the best in segment car boot mats, car foot mats and other interior accessories like seat covers, luxurious dashboard accessories and value for money exterior accessories.


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Premium Quality Car Trunk Mats Online

We spend a lot while purchasing a car but tend to forget to install some important car interior accessories that help to sustain its durability. The car trunk is an immensely hardworking auto part that does a rigorous work by carrying a lot of luggage and to endure its resilience, accessorising it with proper car trunk coverings is necessary.


Adorn your car boot with a layer of premium car trunk mats to protect it from further wear and tear and of course to beautify the trunk space more.

Fabric car boot cover and 3D rubber car mats are the two categories of car matting we deal in that you would relish upon installing them in your vehicle.

Importance of Car Trunk And Car Boot Tray

It is really important to maintain the cleanliness of car trunk on a regular basis as the whole lot of luggage accumulates tons of dust and dirt on the car trunk board thus germ building up in the car that can cause health problems and a regular deep clean helps to get rid all of that and makes it fresh and tidy.

The cleaning process becomes a lot easier if the car trunk is covered with trunk mats and the trunk liners.

Pro tip - the car interior accessories especially car foot mats and car boot mats are essential car decorations that not only enhance the appearance but also safeguard the original car interior surfaces they mask.

Benefits of Car Trunk Mats

We are sure you would fall in love with the grace that these car boot coverings provide to your car trunk. While providing a luxurious touch to the boot space it acts as a barrier against dirt and dust on the original boot board and maintains its resilience as it is simpler to change boot mats but not easy to change boot tray.

The car trunk needs a high-quality car trunk mat to safeguard the sides and base of the trunk area. The car boot mats also decrease the wear and tear of the car boot tray to a great extent while protecting the boot tray from getting stained; the boot tray mats absorb the luggage shocks and decrease the amount of weight the loads exert on it, thus enduring the boot tray’s lifespan.

The car trunk coverings can be easily cleaned by pulling them out and giving a pat at back or giving them a quick rinse and there you get a spec free mat, so low key maintenance but high end utilisation.

How to select the perfect boot mat for car?

A wise selection can do wonders for your car interior, so don't fall prey to substandard quality seeing the low price of car mat, if you have invested a lot in your car so it is legitimate to invest in genuine car accessories to preserve the original quality.

Material is the most important aspect to be considered before selecting a car trunk mat, like Akar Accessories range of car mat is constructed with the finest material and are super easy to maintain.

Where to buy a car boot mat - there are numerous options to buy car trunk mats online and offline but one should only purchase from a trusted seller or site, one such is Akar accessories, the portal is one of the most trusted car accessories sellers nationwide.

Size and kind- it is essential to choose a mat in accordance to your car model as differently sized mats would look absurd and wouldn't serve the purpose accurately.

Another aspect is to choose the right kind of mats for car boot, like rubber mats especially 3 dimensional or 3D rubber mats by Akar accessories are winning hearts of people as these are waterproof car boot mats and are climate proof too and the superior look they possess is just amazing, we offer specifically designed logo printed boot mats for jeep compass at our portal at exciting prices.

Price – the car mat price is another important aspect to be considered as prices too low or too high, both the ways it becomes doubtful to select so always select an accessory that is value for money like those of Akar Accessories.

Best Interior Accessories For Car Boot Space

These 3D rubber car trunk linings are made up of high quality rubber material that supports car boot space to be more rigid and safeguards the car trunk from any abrasions and luggage shocks with its durable and efficient construction.

The premium rubber material facilitates easy cleaning and easy installation and its raised edges provide full coverage till door sills that gives an all clean achievement. The rubber boot mat are extremely useful for carrying pets along, now no worries of fur dispersing all around the car, just a boot mat can do the magic.

If you are not much sure about rubber car mats you would surely give thumbs up for our fabric boot mats. The supreme fabric car boot mats also do their job well and provide dirt free coverage to the boot.

Many times inferior car boot mats tend to stink during rainy weather and fill the whole car with a peculiar smell but it is not with these mats, as Akar Accessories fall true to their words of delivering the best quality for your dream car.

The luxurious touch these car dicky mats provide is just unparalleled; don’t blame us if you always try to flaunt your swanky car trunk in front of everyone. After all, why leave car boot space unfashionable when your whole car is an automobile fashion statement.

Pro tip - choose the car mats complementing your car foot mats to make a complete stylish look, you can find the whole kit of car floor mats on our portal. Our car floor coverings are car model specific, so a hassle free ordering online and easy installation is just a click away.