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How to Care Your Loved Car in Summers

Summers bring lot of sunshine and heat which increases the internal temperatures of car and also causes paint corrosions .There are several ways to keep your car safe and cool by using various car accessories and natural ways.


Try to park your car in covered area with less sunshine like under trees , basements ,tents etc. Always open all windows glass of car for some time before driving this will help car to stay relative cool which will result in faster cooling from car air conditioners. You can use car body cover to resist dust and sunshine.


Sunshades are most easy way to reduce internal temperature of car while cruising as it will prevent window glass from getting heated. Use cool bags or car refrigerator to keep liquids fruits and various food product safe.


Use gel based car perfume such as Orange , lemon , Musk etc this will rejuvenate your sense and making drive refreshing. Use car interior cleaning material to erase sweat and other types of smell.

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Always get you car checked for air pressure in tires, keep tire punctures kit for emergence. Check if your spare tyre is in good condition.

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Car air conditions should be checked for AC gas and cleaning. As over the period car air conditioner loses cooling gas. Getyour car complete air conditioner checkup which should include inspection of AC gas, Cooling coils, compressor, ac grills , filters , thermostatetc. An efficient serviced air conditioner will do faster cooling.


Use car polish and various car paint protection material to protect car paint from erosion. Cars standing for long hours under sun tend to lose paint lustrous and make them look old. Using good quality paint protection material will help to retain paint.


Use long cotton towels to protect seats from getting heated. You may drape car seats while parking the car in sun this will help seats to remain cool and you can remove them once you are back in driving. This will help you from uncomfortable sudden car seat heat.


Keep tissue paper for various range of usage they are easy to use and eco-friendly. Tissue paper are useful for all be it male or female , adult or kids.

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Do not keep your mobile in direct exposure of sun as this will increases temperature of screen surface which may harm your sensitive skin. Keep it in glove box or area out of direct sun light.


Wind screen is the biggest glass of any car this is the major source of internal car heating. You may use wind screen block to avoid excessive glass heating resulting in cooler and comfortable interior.

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