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Best Premium Quality Car Accessories

Purchasing a car is a dream for someone and for someone it is a passion to possess a fleet of cars but the common factor among all customers is the enthusiasm for automobiles.

If you are also an automobile fanatic then we can be sure that your car means a lot to you and accessorizing the vehicle with the finest and preeminent accessories is all you need to deck up your dream car.

There is a popular saying ‘Home is the reflection of its homemaker’ so is equivalent for the car as the car represents its owner’s perception.

We are sure you would have brainstormed a lot before purchasing your car but what if your car doesn’t possess the appropriate accessories which could help turn your drives more comfortable and safe?

DON’T STRESS we are there to take care about it ; AKAR ACCESSORIES offers a huge variety of pocket-friendly Made in India products to make your vehicle more stylish and pleasant to sit in .

Embellishing your car’s interior not only uplifts it aesthetically but also makes it user- friendly with style. AKAR ACCESSORIES is a one stop shop for all the useful accessories for accentuating your car’s interiors.

Wondering why should you invest in your car accessories?

Investing in good quality car accessories upgrades your car’s performance and simultaneously stylizes it. There is an array of accessories for car’s interior as well as exteriors and each of them has a distinct significance.

For instance, are you worried about you car’s bumper’s safety from scratches and scuffs? Then your car needs a Car Bumper Scratch Guard which will be a savior from the harm it can go through while driving or parking.

Likewise a Car Door Edge Guard eliminates the wear and tear of the edges of the car’s doors by shielding them from scratches and collisions. Got kids who smash open the doors? These thin strips can be your helping hand in safeguarding your
doors and enhance their appearance. You can buy from our range of stylish doors guards and make your car a style statement.

Like the exterior, car’s interiors also need some accessories especially the dashboard which is a companion of driver throughout the journey. Wouldn’t you love to drive a car which has a chic and swanky dashboard?

Every day is a new opportunity and for beginning a new day everyone needs blessings; so how about getting blessings in a stylish and sophisticated manner.

 Best Premium Car Accessories by Akar Accessories

Adiyogi Shiva Idol:

Lord Adiyogi Idol - Car Dashboard Accessories

Traditionally elegant, this dashboard accessory will surely turn heads of spectators and the divine blessings of Lord Shiva will always withstand you.

Want an easy solution for steering your car one-handedly?

Opt for Car steering knob that will ease your driving with one hand liberating the other one. This accessory is also quite useful while reversing the car.

(Pro Tip – you can enjoy your meal on the go as your either of the hand is free from driving)

Ever experienced that peculiar smell just after stepping in your car?

If yes then AKAR ACCESSORIES is here for your rescue.

We are sure you want your car to be aromatic round the clock as no one would like to drive a dull and fetid car; so a good quality air freshener is a basic necessity for your car to breathe in.

You can choose from the below variants for heavenly fragrances and we assure that anyone would fall in love with your car’s ambience. We offer special air fresheners for KIA Seltos

Green Lime: Apt for nature lovers, its fresh fragrance will make you travel to the countryside.

Green Lime Car Air Freshener - Akar Accessories

Liven up your car’s dashboard with this chic and easy to install air freshener that comes in a tin packaging which allows it to be spill proof and is decorous for all kinds of premium cars.

Sandalwood Perfume Gel: Wood – wood – the – woody log……. Do you want luxury in style while sitting comfortably in your car? Then this Sandalwood car perfume gel would be a perfect choice for you. This perfume gel has a long lasting warm, smooth and woody fragrance. Twist open the rich aroma and its calming sandalwood fragrance will take you miles apart.

Orange Perfume Gel – Love citrusy aromas? Then this one can be your perfect companion while driving.

Orange Car Air Freshener - Akar Accessories

The citrus scent ensures to uplift your mood and its healing attributes gives a space for contentment and a no room for stress.

Musk Perfume Gel – This luxurious aroma will aesthetically enhance your car’s vibes. This perfume gel is sheer sophistication packed in a small tin full of rich aroma. The Musk Car freshener is the most curated perfume gel, suitable for removing strong odors and creating an ambience like never before. The lavish and sensual aroma would surely portray your distinctive niche.

Musk Car Air Freshener by Akar Accessories

Mix Fruit Perfume Gel

Imagine driving through hectic traffic still feeling the natural essence tinkering around you.. Doesn’t it sound good? We are sure this would have brought a smile on your face and for maintaining that smile we offer this natural fruity aromatic perfume that can prove to be a mood up lifter. Install it on your car’s dashboard and let the fruity fragrance spread its magic.

Mix Fruit Car Air Freshener by Akar Accessories

Choose from the array of accessories to adorn your car and make your trips more contentedly enjoyable.


Note : All the products by AKAR ACCESSORIES are suitable for SUV’s, sedan and hatchback cars.


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